Prototype for BFF (Best Fashion Finds)

I’ll say right off the bat, I’ve been lazy. instead of writing down a long honest to goodness blog about the prototype, I’ve simply copy-pasted a presentation I made about it. Let’s hope things don’t get too vague. Feel free to drop a comment and ask me about it. The brief was to make anContinue reading “Prototype for BFF (Best Fashion Finds)”

Netflix Recommendations and Visual Personalization

Photo by Mahrous Houses on Unsplash With binge-watching audience behaviour on the rise, there are many of us who are all too familiar with the UX of the video platform. Up until online video sharing and platforms, audiences were stuck watching whatever movie or show that their cable provider had decided to show them. The internetContinue reading “Netflix Recommendations and Visual Personalization”

Left Handedness and Mobile User Experience

An inconvenience experiment Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash It’s no secret that the world has always favoured right-handed users over left-handed users when it comes to product design. Whether it’s a mobile app or something as simple as a writing desk, left-handed users have always lamented the fact that they are usually an afterthought. AccordingContinue reading “Left Handedness and Mobile User Experience”